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You are here: Home Events Dr. Di Jia "Topological Effects on Movements of Charged Macromolecules in Crowded Environments"

Dr. Di Jia "Topological Effects on Movements of Charged Macromolecules in Crowded Environments"

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  • Seminar
When May 22, 2019
from 02:15 AM to 03:00 AM
Where Seminarraum A, FMF, Stefan-Meier-Str. 21, Freiburg
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Transport of charged macromolecules such as DNA and synthetic polyelectrolytes dispersed in crowded aqueous media is ubiquitous in biological systems and modern synthetic materials. Due to long-ranged nature of both the topological correlation from connectivity of macromolecules and electrostatic correlation from the charges in the system, understanding the movements of charged macromolecules in crowded environments remains as a huge challenge. Such strongly correlated systems exhibit a variety of rich phenomenology unparalleled in neutral systems.
I will describe the newly discovered topologically frustrated non-diffusive dynamics of charged macromolecules inside charged hydrogels. The dynamics of charged hydrogels and of charged macromolecules in solutions are already with tremendous intrigue, even without the entrapment of guest charged macromolecules inside the host hydrogel. After briefly describing these systems, I will address the new phenomenon of topological frustration where the macromolecules such as large DNA can be made immobile inside a hydrogel without losing their functional properties. The molecular origin of this effect and its potential applications will be discussed.

invited by Prof. Günter Reiter

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