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Andres Taubert "Calcium phosphate mineralization control by polycations and by surfaces and interfaces"

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Institute of Chemistry, University of Potsdam

  • Seminar
When May 15, 2013
from 02:15 PM to 03:00 PM
Where Hörsaal Makromolekulare Chemie, Stefan-Meier-Str. 31, Freiburg
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Calcium phosphate is a key mineral in biology and biomaterials science. The bioinspired synthesis of calcium phosphates from aqueous solution at near-physiological conditions has attracted tremendous interest because it should be possible to grow biosimilar calcium phosphate/organic hybrid materials that could find use in numerous applications such as bone substitutes or dental repair. In spite of the large body of work that has been published on the topic of bioinspired, polymer-controlled calcium phosphate precipitation[1-2] the field still lacks a complete atomistic and (supra)molecular understanding of how calcium phosphate nucleation, growth, morphogenesis, and phase selection is governed by a specific set of conditions such as the type, concentration, and molecular weight of the organic or polymeric additive. For example, while there are numerous studies of calcium phosphate formation from bulk aqueous solution, the number of studies on the effects of surfaces and interfaces is fairly low. Moreover, most of these studies focus on the effects of polyanionic crystallization additives and the number of studies on polycationic growth modifiers is still limited, as is the case for investigations of polybetaines and polyampholytes.

We therefore focus (i) on the role of surfaces and interfaces[3-7] and (ii) on the effects of polycations[4-11] on calcium phosphate mineral formation. The presentation will give an overview over the results obtained from a set of different scaffolds for mineralization and give an outlook where there are open questions to be addressed by further investigations of polymer-controlled calcium phosphate formation.

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