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IRTG SoMaS Winter Workshop 2017

Nov. 30, EHM Hotel Offenburg

The IRTG SoMaS Winter Workshop 2017 took place on November 30th, 2017 at the EHM Hotel in Offenburg. During this internal 1-day workshop all IRTG doctoral researchers presented the current progress on their projects either during a talk (9 doctoral researchers) or in the form of a poster during the 2-hour poster session (9 doctoral researchers). The program of the workshop can be found here. As a new element, we introduced so-called “Feedback groups”, which were designed to help the IRTG doctoral researchers to improve their presentation skills, in particular with regard to presentations to an interdisciplinary group such as the IRTG: For each presenter 2 peers (IRTG doctoral researchers) and 2 more experienced researchers (IRTG principal investigators) were assigned as a “Feedback group”; each reviewer in the group filled out a feedback sheet during the presentation with questions about content, structure and presentation style. During a 1-hour individual meeting of the “Feedback group” in the afternoon, the reviewers discussed this feedback with the presenters.

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