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'Post-Lindau Tour' visits SoMaS Summer School 2015

DFG delegation with junior scientists from India and Thailand visiting the SoMaS Summer School.


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At this year’s Summer School we received an honorable visit: A delegation of Thai and Indian junior scientists, who took a tour through German universities and scientific centers organized by the German Research Foundation (DFG), participated for a day and half in our programme. In the Alsatian town of Mittelwihr they experienced the international atmosphere within the research training group and could get an insight into the activities of our graduate school. The scientific and intercultural exchange was at the focus of this visit: The researchers engaged in stimulating discussions which also included the topic of future cooperation between Asia and Europe. We really enjoyed this inspiring encounter and hope our guests did too.

Dr. Franziska Langer from the DFG thanked Prof. Günter Reiter and the IRTG SoMaS for the support in preparing and conducting this visiting programme.

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Excerpt from the Lindau Alumni Newsletter 2015, The Noble Times of Lindau:

" 'Post-Lindau Tour' 2015
For the second week from 4th to 11th July 2015, the "Post-Lindau Tour was conducted during which the Indian delegation visited German univerities and academic institutions in Freiburg, Erlangen, Mainz, Marburg, Giessen and Bonn namely: University of Freiburg (Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Summer School of IRTG 1642, Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cellular Research, Center od Biochemistry and Molecular Research (ZMBZ) and the BIOSS Centre for Biological Signalling Studies)..."



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