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IRTG SoMaS Training Camp “Academic Writing”

Dec 1, 2017, EHM Hotel Offenburg

The IRTG SoMaS Training Camp “Academic Writing” took place on December 1st, 2017 at the EHM Hotel in Offenburg. The training camp was completely organized by IRTG doctoral researchers (Thanks to the organizing team Abhijna Das, Maryam Bahrami and Mona Talari, you did an amazing job!). Within the group, the IRTG doctoral researchers identified the topic “Academic Writing” as a common need for further qualification. The organizing team then invited Dr. Daniel Spielmann from the “Writing Center” at the University of Frankfurt as trainer for a 1-day workshop on academic writing. During the 4 sessions of the workshop, the doctoral students learned about the basics of writing a PhD thesis and academic language in general, and also got hands-on experience on academic writing strategies.

Thanks to everyone for a successful Training Camp “Academic Writing”!

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