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SoMaS Summer School 2017: Scientific Programme


Every lecture (3 hours altogether) will be illustrated by two research seminars and a tutorial during which the young researchers shall explore the topic more deeply with the lecturer after having gone through his/her lecture.


Opening Lectures

Structure-property relationships in molecular electronic materials

Jenny Nelson

Physics of organic solar cells

Uli Würfel


Coarse-graining techniques and multiscale simulations

Denis Andrienko

♦ Introduction to coarse-graining
♦ Techniques: force matching, inverse Monte Carlo, relative entropy
♦ Practicals: liquid water, hexane, polymer melts
♦ Material design example: linking to quantum chemical calculations and master equation


 Research Seminars

Comparison of systematic coarse-graining strategies for soluble conjugated polymers

Christoph Scherer

Modelling of nano-scaled properties of self-assembling polymers for organic electronics

Irina Nyrkova


High performance materials for organic electronic devices: From synthesis aspects to applications in photovoltaics, field-effect transistors and beyond

Michael Sommer

♦ General design principles of high performance conjugated polymers for organic electronics
♦ A comparison of available syntheses towards conjugated polymers
♦ Characterization of conjugated polymers – trivial or not?
♦ Molecular parameters that govern electronic processes in devices exemplified by selected examples


 Research Seminars

Five-membered heterocycles as building blocks for electronically diverse conjugated homopolymers

Frank Pammer

How to characterize conjugated materials

Simon Schmidt

Probing morphology, electronic structure, and triplet routes: the case for time-resolved EPR in organic electronics

Till Biskup


How to use assembly and mesoscale structure to generate energy

Rachel Segalman

♦ Basics of how organic photovoltaics and organic thermoelectrics operation
♦ Strategies for controlling crystallinity to affect electrical and thermal conductivity
♦ Block copolymer self-assembly to control mesoscopic properties
♦ Electrochemical reactions and free radicals in thermoelectrics

  Research Seminars

Revealing structure-function relationships in organic nanostructures by optical spectroscopy

Richard Hildner

Elucidating charge transport in radical-containing polymers and the application to energy conversion devices

Bryan Boudouris



All students shall present a poster during the poster sessions. The posters will be put up at the beginning and will be displayed for the whole time of the school. Regarding the poster sessions please send an abstract (one page) presenting the results and the main questions of your research project and the strategies to solve them.



Career Seminars

Career pathways in academia

Jenny Nelson & Uli Würfel


Job application training for doctoral students

Matthias Mayer, Seminare & Coaching, Berlin, Germany

In this workshop we will focus on the two essential parts of a successful job application: how to set up an outstanding CV and how to be selected in a job interview.

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