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SoMaS Summer School 2017: Organizers


The Upper Rhine Valley is a region with a long-standing tradition in Soft Matter Science. Taking advantage of the excellence research developed in this field at the universities of the Upper Rhine Valley (Strasbourg, Freiburg, Mulhouse, Basel and Karlsruhe), the International Research Training Group (IRTG) „Soft Matter Science: Concepts for the Design of Functional Materials“ organizes this summer school in Mittelwihr in Alsace to pursue the tradition of the Soft Matter Science with the young generation of researchers. This school will take place every year at the same location in early July.

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Günter Reiter, Freiburg, Germany

Jörg Baschnagel, Strasbourg, France 



Till Biskup, Freiburg, Germany

Martin Brinkmann, Strasbourg, France

Nicolas Guiseppone, Strasbourg, France

Thomas Heiser, Strasbourg, France

Hendrik Meyer, Strasbourg, France

Rolf Mühlhaupt, Freiburg, Germany

Amparo Ruiz-Carretero, Strasbourg, France

Jürgen Rühe, Freiburg, Germany

Paolo Samorí, Strasbourg, France



Jana Husse, IRTG Coordinator

IRTG / Soft Matter Science
Stefan-Meier-Str. 21
79104 Freiburg, Germany

+49 761 203 678 34


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