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SoMaS Summer School 2018: Scientific Programme


Every lecture (3 hours altogether) will be illustrated by two research seminars and a tutorial during which the young researchers shall explore the topic more deeply with the lecturer after having gone through his/her lecture.

Preliminary Programme

Opening Lectures

To wet or not to wet—that is the question

   Jürgen Rühe

Processing Strategies and Properties of UHMWPE

   Jianjun Xu


Nonlinear rheology of colloidal suspensions

   Thomas Voigtmann

♦ From shear thinning to shear thickening: flow phenomena in suspensions
♦ Macroscopic theoretical rheology: continuum mechanics and material laws
♦ Microscopic dynamics of shear-thinning suspensions
♦ Numerical techniques


  Research Seminars

Spontaneous symmetry breaking out of equilibrium: Kibble-Zurek mechanism in colloidal monolayers     

   Peter Keim

Thermosensitive colloidal particles as model systems for condensed matter  

   Matthias Ballauff


Structure formation and transformation in soft matter

   Marcus Müller

♦ Continuum models, free-energy landscape and collective kinetics
♦ Spinodal phase separation and nucleation
♦ Exploring the free-energy landscape: metastable states and saddle points
♦ Applications to block copolymers


  Research Seminars

Driving non-equilibrium processes in biological soft materials

   H. Jelger Risselada

Memory effects in polymer crystallization

   Murugappan Muthukumar


Polymer dynamics and applications to additive manufacturing

   Peter D. Olmsted

♦ Dynamics of unentangled and entangled polymers
♦ Instabilities in entangled melts and solutions
♦ Applications to additive manufacturing (3D printing) in polymers

  Research Seminars

3D printing with polymer melts

   Claire McIlroy

3D & 4D additive nano/micro fabrication

   Arnaud Spangenberg



All students shall present a poster during the poster sessions. The posters will be put up at the beginning and will be displayed for the whole time of the school. Regarding the poster sessions please send an abstract (one page) presenting the results and the main questions of your research project and the strategies to solve them.



Career Discussion 

Dear Summer School participants,

We invite you all to our session

Career pathways in academia and industry

on Sunday evening at 6 pm at the bar in the Centre de Mittelwihr. It will be a welcome reception with aperitif in an informal and relaxed setting.

Two PhD students will moderate the session as chairs. Our two speakers (Jianjun Xu as representative of industry and Jürgen Rühe as representative of academia) will shortly present their career paths.

Then the audience can ask the speakers directly their individual questions. Finally the session may lead to an open discussion.

We look forward to an inspiring session and a fruitful discussion with you!

  Career Session with IRTG Alumni

IRTG alumni meeting

Our former PhD students Patricia Davidson, Melanie Eichhorn, Asad Jamal and Adrian Wolf will report on their professional career after leaving the IRTG and will share their experience with the current PhD students. (more...)

  Career Seminar

Presentation skills for doctoral students

   Matthias Mayer

In this workshop we will focus on three relevant aspects of scientific presentation:
♦ Clarity of contents – how to structure and draft your objectives in a presentation
♦ Good media – especially with regard to designing slides with PowerPoint
♦ Convincing performance in front of an audience

Some of the participants will give short presentations in front of the plenum. This will be followed by work in small groups, where each participant can present his/her talk and give feedback. There will be the opportunity for all participants to get feedback from the coach and the plenum on their own presentation style.


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