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SoMaS Summerschool 2012: Scientific Programme


Every lecture (3 hours altogether) will be illustrated by two research seminars (see list of invited speakers) and a “retreat” seminar during which the young researchers shall explore the topic more deeply with the lecturer after having gone through his/her lecture.

Interfacial properties of soft matter systems: cell-surface interactions
   Karine Anselme, Mulhouse, France

  • Basics of cell biology
  • Cell/surface interactions: influence of surface topography, surface chemistry/energy, role of absorbed/grafted proteins/peptides, mechanical aspects of cell/surface interactions
  • Bacteria/surface interactions
  • Applications in regenerative medicine and in BioMEMs


Introduction to supramolecular chemistry: supramolecular polymers and self-assembly
  Nicolas Giuseppone, Strasbourg, France

  • Growth of supramolecular structures
  • Linear, side chain, discotic, and network hydrogen bonded polymers
  • Metallo-supramolecular polymers
  • Dendrimeric supra-macromolecular assemblies
  • Supramolecular intertwined and interlocked polymers


Bilayer self-assembly: theoretical and experimental aspects
   Carlos Marques, Strasbourg, France

  • The bricks: lipids and other bilayer-forming amphiphiles
  • The membranes: bilayer formation, observation and manipulation
  • Physical properties of self-assembled bilayers
  • Lipid membranes as biophysical models



All students shall present a poster during the poster sessions. The posters will be put up at the beginning and will be displayed for the whole time of the school. Regarding the poster sessions please send an abstract (one page) presenting the results and the main questions of your research project and the strategies to solve them.


Several sessions will be dedicated to career perspectives. A broad range of career opportunities will be addressed like science management, research in the industry etc…

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