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Science Fair / Freiburger Wissenschaftsmarkt


July 10 - 11, 2015, Münsterplatz, Freiburg


EUCOR/The European Campus, the IRTG “Soft Matter Science”, the International Master on Polymer Sciences (IM/PolyS) and the German-French Bachelor “Regio Chimica” presented themselves on the Science Fair 2015 of the University of Freiburg.

cephalotus_pitcher_project_sm.pngOur IRTG researchers from France and Germany explained to the interested audience how carnivorous plants get something to eat and how new smartphone surfaces can be created. Thanks to a trinational quiz, visitors could learn interesting facts about international science exchange in the Upper Rhine valley and how the European Campus contributes to research, study and teaching without borders.

See also: www.badische-zeitung.de/videos/p1873859606/l1704094706/t4348203687001/Neueste/Lokales/Forscher_stellen_Weltneuheiten_auf_Muensterplatz_vor

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