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The research projects of the 2nd funding period (as of 2015)


Project A2: Membrane active polypeptides and liposomal complexes for nucleic acid delivery   
Principal investigators: B. Bechinger (Strasbourg) / R. Süss (Freiburg)
Doctoral researcher: Justine Wolf

Project A3: Controlled deformations and modifications of model and cellular lipid membranes   
Principal investigators: W. Römer (Freiburg) / Y. Mély (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Taras Sych

Project A4: Interactions between bio-systems and 3D micro-structured surfaces
Principal investigators: J. Rühe (Freiburg) / K. Anselme (Mulhouse)
Doctoral researchers: Sebastian Anders,  Nayana Tusamda

Project A5: Friction on textured surfaces: Inspiration from insect-plant interactions   
Principal investigators: V. Le Houérou (Strasbourg) / H. Bohn, G. Reiter (Freiburg)
Doctoral researcher: Charchit Kumar   

Project A6: Slippery when wet: Wet adhesion and friction on nano/micro-structured surfaces   
Principal investigators: J. Rühe (Freiburg) / V. Le Houérou (Strasbourg)

Project B1: Graphene-induced crystallization of semi-crystalline conjugated polymers   
Principal investigators: M. Brinkmann, P. Samorì (Strasbourg) / M. Sommer, G. Reiter (Freiburg)

Project B2: Structural models of semiconducting polymers   
Principal investigators: M. Brinkmann, P. Samorì (Strasbourg) / M. Sommer (Freiburg)

Project B3: Graphene solution exfoliation by conjugated polymers   
Principal investigators: R. Mülhaupt (Freiburg) / P. Samorì (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Matilde Eredia

Project B4: Self-assembled nanotubes sheathing semiconducting wires   
Principal investigators: P. Mésini (Strasbourg) / G. Reiter (Freiburg)

Project B5: Compartmentalized smart polymer ionic liquids for responsive systems
Principal investigators: R. Mülhaupt (Freiburg) / J.-F. Lutz (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Steffen Wiedmann

Project B6: Multifunctional hybrid polymers for adaptive nanocrystalline multilayer composites   
Principal investigators: R. Mülhaupt (Freiburg) / P. Lutz (Strasbourg)
Collaborators: G. Decher (Strasbourg)

Project C1: Colloid stabilization by unattached polymers in solution - from hard walls to soft and sterically stabilized colloids   
Principal investigators: E. Bartsch (Freiburg) / A.N. Semenov (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Marcel Werner

Project C2: Influence of shear prehistory and particle attractions on the relaxation dynamics from non-equilibrium states to metastable colloidal glassy states   
Principal investigators: E. Bartsch (Freiburg) / P. Hébraud (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Dmytro Kushnir

Project C3: Linear mechanical and viscoelastic properties of model glass-forming polymer films   
Principal investigators: J. Baschnagel, C. Gauthier, A. Rubin (Strasbourg) / A. Blumen, G. Reiter (Freiburg)
Collaborators: H. Meyer, J. Wittmer, V. Le Houérou (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Ivan Kriuchevskyi, Farzad Ramezani

Project C4: Ordering and crystallisation of polymers in quasi-2 dimensions   
Principal investigators: J. Baschnagel (Strasbourg) / G. Reiter (Freiburg) 
Collaborators: H. Meyer, J. Wittmer (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Abhijna Das

Project C5: Thermodynamics of membranes with complex lipid compositions   
Principal investigators: V. Knecht (Freiburg) / F. Thalmann (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Raisa Kociurzynski

Project C7: Recognition of synthetic polymers by biological nanopores 
Principal investigators: J.F. Lutz (Strasbourg) / J. Behrends (Freiburg)
Collaborator: G. Baaken (Freiburg)
Doctoral researchers: Guillaume Fiers, Monasadat Talarimoghari


Ongoing research projects (started in the 1st funding period)

Polymer multilayers at solid substrates

Principal investigators: Jürgen Rühe (Freiburg) / Gero Decher (Strasboug)
Doctoral researcher: Christoph Scheibelein

Influence of nanofillers on the properties of polymer latex films

Principal investigators: Eckhard Bartsch (Freiburg) / Hendrik Meyer (Strasbourg)
Doctoral researcher: Vasilii Lesnichii

Interactions between biological systems and patterned surfaces
Principal investigators: Jürgen Rühe (Freiburg) / Karine Anselme (Mulhouse)
Doctoral researcher: Melanie Eichhorn



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